Power Outage

We had one nasty storm last night. I was just finishing up cooking my dinner (bbq chicken, smashed potatoes, and corn) when the power went out. And all hell broke loose outside. Torrential downpours, massive gusts of wind, hail the size of nickels, and some major lightening. I knew the power was going to go out, so I hurried to finish cooking my dinner (my oven is electric so it was just in the nick of time).

Dinner by candle light (sorry such a crappy pic, all I had was my phone)

But after eating by candle light I got bored. No TV and barely enough light to read and it was only 8pm! I decided to go out for a drive to see the damage. Right away I saw why my whole part of town lost power: electrical lines and huge trees down all over the place! I drove by this enormous tree, which was completely uprooted

Instead of go back home and sitting in the dark, I decided to go see a movie (Rise of the Planet of the Ages…ehh…) and figured my power would be back on by the time I got back. Nope. I had an awful night’s sleep. I usually like the sound of a fan but with no power I had to deal with the deafening silence. It was also really hot with no a/c.When I woke up this morning I STILL didn’t have power. Hmmpph. There goes all my food in the fridge! So annoying. Finally the power was turned on around noon, but it was too late. I lost a lot of food.

OH, and you know how I pushed back my long run until today? Well, it’s still raining outside and my long run routes are both flooded. Great. Guess that means I’m getting back on the old treadmill. We’ll see how that goes…

Hope you have better weather where you are!

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3 Responses to Power Outage

  1. Kath says:

    Great Harvest was closed all day – and we still don’t have power!! Our fridge is huge ;(

    • Oh no!! I was wondering if you guys had power because I saw the huge power line down at the corner of McIntire and 250. I hope you were able to save some of your food!! Our cable/internet just came back on now…it’s amazing (and disturbing) how reliant I am on technology, I could barely go one day without it, haha.

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