Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestling

So strange. So fun! the Charlottesville Ladies Arm Wrestling (CLAW) League had one of its fundraising events last night at the Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville. Set outside in multiple tents (it was storming and we didn’t even notice), women assuming crazy characters and donned in crazy costumes arm wrestled each other for charity.

It’s really more like theater than arm wrestling (I quickly found out that it’s not real arm wrestling…more like the WWE of arm wrestling). It was really packed so we had to push our way to the front to see.

Cheap $2 PBRs (or $5 mixed drinks) was a great way to start out the night, which ended with martinis at Zocolo and the usual late night eats at Little Johns Deli πŸ™‚

After a night like that it felt gooood to sleep in today. I decided to put off my long run until tomorrow. Whenever people ask me if going out/drinking gets in the way of marathon training I always give them my spiel about the basic training formula and being flexible. As long as you do 2 short “maintenance” runs, a medium-length run (usually tempo), and a long run, you’ll be adequately prepared to run a marathon. So I switch days up a bit sometimes to work around my schedule πŸ™‚

And while it was sunny for awhile, it looks like it may rain soon. A good day to go shopping for some much needed (and some not-so-needed) necessities (you know what that means….a trip to TARGET!)

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