Food I absolutely cannot live without

Ok, so I saw this article the other day that hot dogs are as bad as cigarettes. The article states, “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, based in D.C., just unveiled a billboard in Indianapolis with a picture of hot dogs in a cigarette pack and the message: ‘Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your health.'” I guess a not-so-recent (2007) study found that “one 50-gram serving of processed meat a day, about the same amount in one hot dog, increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 21 percent” and now The Physicians Committee is using these findings to educate the public about the dangers of processed meats.


Ok, yep I understand the concern. Processed meats are bad for us….if we eat them everyday. But to take away hot dogs (at least in my opinion), would be to take away summer! I only wish I was still living in Boston so I could walk over to Fenway Park and get some hot dogs and cheap beer while watching the Sox game. So no, I will not be giving up my occasional hot dog in the summer thank you very much. Let’s just hope the benefits of running outweigh the costs of eating this crap 😉

Here are some other foods, both healthy and unhealthy, I absolutely can’t live without (this excludes produce and just lists some of my everyday basics):

Healthy (or at least I tell myself it is)

Fage 0% Greek Yogurt

Lowfat cottage cheese

Multi-Grain Eggo Waffles (yes, I know Kashi makes some; these are my faves)

Low-fat JIF Peanut Butter (Ok, so it’s not that healthy, but I explain why I only eat this PB, here)

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk (I’m not lactose intolerant per se, but I try to steer clear of regular milk because it makes me feel–sorry for the TMI–bloated and gassy. I’ll even drink lactose-free milk from time to time)

Not So Heathy

Cinnamon Toast Crunch (my fave! preferably with the almond milk or Fage yogurt)

Carolina Tangy BBQ Lays Potato Chips (Sooooo dangerous for me. If I open a bag I end up eating the whole thing!)

Diet Coke (I have a major addiction to Diet Coke; the jury is out on whether it is good or bad for you, but I figure in the quantities I have it, it can’t be that good. I talk about my addiction here).

Entenmann’s Chocolate Frosted Donuts (AM-azing. Especially when put in the fridge for a bit and the chocolate has a little crunch to it)

Lofthouse Cookies (you know, the frosted sugar cookies from the grocery store)

While these lists just scratch the surface of some of my faves, these are definitely my vices. Since it’s Friday, I think I’m going to go home, make some hot dogs, drink some Diet Coke, and enjoy the weekend 🙂 Hope you have a fun weekend planned!

Do you have any food vices? What are your favorite healthy/unhealthy foods? 

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2 Responses to Food I absolutely cannot live without

  1. Favorite “healthy”: spinach, roasted red peppers, yogurt/cottage cheese, oats, dark chocolate 😉
    Favorite “unhealthy”: coffee, cheese, and baked goods (even those overly processed cookies you mentioned – there must be crack in them!)

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