Ups and Downs of a Virginia Summer

Blogging has definitely helped me appreciate the life I have made in the small town of Cville. It really is cathartic to document what I do so that I can look back and say, “you know what? I’m having a lot of fun living here!” You all know that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Cville (well, more love now but there are days I get annoyed with certain things), so here’s my take on living in central Va during the summer months.


Concerts, bars, wine events, and polo matches oh my! There is so much to do on any give weekday or night that my social calendar is packed during the warmer months. You’ve heard about some of these outings over the past few months:

Brews With A View
Starry Nights
Polo Matches
Wine Tasting
Foxfield Races 

This past weekend was no exception, with a night out with friends at the bars Friday and Saturday with margs at Mono Loco and then wine/fire pit on my friend’s amazing penthouse balcony:


Bugs, bugs, and more BUGS! Seriously the bugs here are enormous and I’m sick and tired of seeing them in my living space. To make matters worse, Sophie keeps getting fleas jumping all over her when I take her for walks. She’s on Frontline, but that doesn’t stop them from jumping all over her. Urgh. And you really want to be horrified/freaked out? Research what Camel Crickets look like. They’re everywhere. EWWWW!

More like, hide YOURSELF. The bugs are everywhere!


Beautiful scenery. There are so many different hikes and outdoor activities to do in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Just a quick drive over for Staunton for dinner makes for a gorgeous excursion. Here’s some of my favorite pics of the beautiful area I call home (taken with my Nikon D80).

View from Humpback Rocks with sun peaking through storm clouds


The HUMIDITY and HEAT. I know that a lot of the country (Northeast and Midwest) has had an abnormally hot summer, but that’s just the norm for us. It definitely puts a monkey wrench into my running. I hate running outside in this heat. And I hate getting up early in the morning. So that means I bang out most of my miles on the old workhorse treadmill.

Feeling the heat after a 5k at Barren Ridge Vineyards


Mr. Jefferson’s University. And I’m not even talking about how the University of Virginia just got ranked the #1 public school in America according to Forbes Magazine. Aside from it’s academics, UVa’s got history, tradition, and beauty (can I also mention that it was ranked one of top most beautiful campuses by Forbes as well?). Our “campus” is actually called the “grounds” (don’t be caught calling it a campus down here, people will call you out on it). We’re a short drive from Monticell, TJ’s home, and walking around the campus and getting lost in the side gardens (there are tons of hidden gardens!) is one of the best parts of going to school here. Even getting dressed up for football games in the “southern tradition” is growing on me 🙂

The iconic Rotunda

Door of a student's room on the historic Lawn

Sophie loves to go for walks on grounds


A hidden (but public) garden

Dogwood trees in late Spring/early Summer

Walking to a football game

So I think the Ups outweigh the Downs…but I still can’t WAIT for fall’s cooler temps (and less bugs) 😉

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