MRI results…and a baby!

Before I get to my MRI results, I want to proudly say that my older sis is having a baby today (her first!). That means I’m going to be an Auntie very soon 🙂 Hurray! Can’t wait to visit Chicago in a few weeks and see the lil baby girl.

In other (not as exciting) news, I got my MRI results back today. The good news: it’s not a meniscus tear. The bad news: I have a flap of cartilage that has “peeled up like an orange peel” (my doc’s words not mine) and it’s irritating my knee more than usual. They have suggested scope surgery but I need to find out a bit more about whether I need it and how it will affect me afterwards. The strange thing is my knee has been feeling better since I got the cortisone shot–like during my 9 mile run yesterday–so I’m not sure if this is a pressing surgery or just one I should have in the future. I’m hoping to get these questions answered really soon. The upside of this? It’s not my running that caused it. It’s the soccer and other sports I play on the side. So I’d much rather give those up than the running!

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