Red & Leopard

Before a recap of Friday night’s outfit and outing, I thought I’d provide an update on the knee. Late Friday evening (8pm!) I had my very first MRI at UVa health. It took about 35 minutes and I have to admit it was nice to know that we will finally uncover the mystery of my knee pain. I went to the appointment will full hair and makeup because I was heading out right after. It was funny to be lying down in the MRI all done up 😉 I almost drifted off to sleep because you’re not allowed to move at all. And I was listening to some Nora Jones on the headphones they gave me to wear (that’s what they had on). Hopefully I will get the results tomorrow or Tuesday so I’ll be sure to post an update!

Now on to Friday night fashion and fun 🙂

I’ve been seeing red pants everywhere lately. Case in point, check out the mannequin at the J.Crew store right now.

Woh, that’s a lot of red and leopard. But I do like the combination!

I’ve also seen red pants on some celebrities lately too. Katie Holmes wore some tight red leather pants on Jay Leno the other night (with a Madewell top).


And Rachel Bilson has been rocking some red pants on multiple occasions in the past week:


See those shoes? Those prints? Ok, I get it. Red and leopard go well together. So for Friday night drinks I decided to wear my new red denim that I got from Urban Outfitters (they don’t look that red on the website but I swear they’re red!).

Red Denim: BDG c/o Urban Outfitters ($58); White asymmetrical tee: Gap (on sale $12); Leopard clutch: H&M ($20); Wedges: Nine West (old, $64); Watch: Michael Kors ($225)

As I mentioned earlier in the week, when I went to see The Decemberists in concert, the humidity lately has been out of control. When I don’t feel like doing my hair in the heat and humidity I just put it up into a high bun. It’s something I’ve been doing a good amount in July and will probably keep doing until fall’s cooler weather (finally) comes. It’s super easy. All you do is put your hair into a high ponytail and then split the “tail” part into two pieces. Wrap them in opposite ways around the ponytail (making it as big as you want with teasing and hairspray) and pin with bobby pins.

Overall I think it was a great way to try out the red pants trend. I didn’t feel like Ronald McDonald (win!) and actually got a ton of compliments 🙂 I only got one pic out, sorry it’s so blurry!

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