The Decemberists on a hot sticky night

I know that most places in the country have been dealing with a crazy heat wave the past month. Luckily, it looks like my friends up in New England and the Midwest finally have a break from the oppressive heat and humidity this weekend. Us in the Southeast? Not a chance…

Last night I was invited by my fabulously fashionable (and socially connected) friend Claire (yes she has the same name, so she goes as C-1 and I’m C-2 🙂 ) to see The Decemberists in concert at Charlottesville Pavilion. One of the reasons why I have come to love Cville is that we get really good musical acts (partially because of DMB and Coran Capshaw who call Cville home). The Decemberists are the perfect mix of indie and rock and put on a fun show! The only problem? It felt like it was 110 degrees outside, even when it was 11pm at night. I think the heat made me drink more than I would usually (the cold beer was the only thing keeping me cool!). And I know now that I really need to invest in a paper fan. Seriously! It would’ve definitely helped last night.

Rocking out the Mariners Revenge Song

You know it’s hot when you wear a skimpy, summery outfit and you’re still boiling. I was going to wear my new red denim skinnies but decided to save those for a night that I’ll be in the a/c in a bar. Instead I pulled out a cropped silky tank (that ties in the front) that I got from the Bloomingdales Outlet store at the beginning of the summer. I paired it with some short white shorts…a little too short and skimpy for my liking but it actually worked out to be perfect because of the damn heat. My secret for white denim shorts? (cheap, because I always spill or get them dirty): dELia*s. Yep, I buy at the juniors store for a lot of stuff 😉

Tank: Bloomies Outlet ($65); Shorts: dELiAs ($19.99); Cross-front bag: Big Buddha ($38); Tie-front wedges: Steve Madden via DSW ($40)

P.S. If you go to the Bloomingdales Outlet website and sign up for emails, you will get a coupon for $20 off a purchase of $100 or more. FALL BOOTS…need I say more?

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