Day 4 of marathon training.

So far I’ve only run twice this week. 3 miles on Monday and 4.5 miles on Wednesday. My knee is still killing me, which tells me that there could be really something wrong! I finally bit the bullet and scheduled another doctor’s appointment yesterday. My doctor gave me a shot of cortisone (yessss, love this, finally!). I’ve had a cortisone shot in my hip before, when I developed bursitis while training for the 2009 Chicago Marathon. It helped a good deal.

She also recommended a MRI this weekend. Damn, I hope they don’t find something serious! I’ve been fearing a meniscus tear all along…

So my running is on hold now through Sunday, at which time I’ll do my first “long run” of 8 miles (I know, 8 miles isn’t long, but I’m gonna start there and feel how my knee handles it). After I got the cortisone shot yesterday I iced like crazy to reduce as much inflammation as possible. I don’t want the most benefits from the shot as possible!

Ice...and a pedicure...can't hurt

I’ve had some people say, “why are you going to all this trouble? Just don’t run”. Umm, not an option biatch. Thanks.

I’ll let y’all know what we find from the MRI. Fingers crossed it’s nothing.

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2 Responses to MRI

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  2. Drew Kaizen says:

    Lol… people that say just dont run don’t understand the feeling you get after running or exercising. Its like an addiction almost like all the lazy people that is addicted to the sofa! Hope your MRI comes out clean. I just had mine done and a cortisone shot done yesterday and im dieing to go run!! Good luck!

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