Day One, Yet Again

August 1.

And here we are, yet again, on day one of another marathon training journey. This time around, it’s for the Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon on December 4. Although starting training is always tough (even if I’ve done it tons of times, it’s always hard in the beginning), it eventually becomes routine and actually cathartic. Good thing I’ve gotten my fill of triathlons this summer, with the White Lake Half Ironman, Shenandoah Tri for the Y, Mission Man, and I even did one yesterday morning in Culpeper, Va, which I’ll post about later.

Training is pretty simple, regardless of whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced distance runner. Everyone needs to run one long run a week (building up to 22 miles or so depending on your level), one semi-long run a week (building up to 12 miles or so depending on your level), and 2-3 short easy maintenance runs. Novice runners can train adequately to run and finish a marathon with only 3-4 runs a week and long runs building up to one 20 miler 3 weeks out (with a peak weekly mileage at 40). More advanced runners will up their weekly mileage to over 50+ and run multiple 20-23 mile runs before the big day. They’ll also swap some speed work and hills for one of the short maintenance runs.  Either way, though, the formula pretty much stays the same.

This time around I’m following a modification of Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 2 training schedule. Hal Higdon is the best and you can get his training plans for free online! I followed his Novice 1 plan for my first marathon (Chicago 2008) and it worked really well!

Twin sis and I at the '08 Chicago Marathon start

Hugging it out before my first (and her 2nd) marathon

I'm a marathoner. And I don't look back...

Although I will modify the Intermediate plan below (I’m only doing a 16 week training and I have to adapt based on how my knee is feeling), this is pretty much it:

Y’all know I love to do my long runs on the treadmill in the ridiculously hot weather, so I’ll probably do half of my runs on my favorite machine at the gym.

I also highly recommend Hal’s book, Marathon, The Ultimate Training Guide. This goes through everything for training from nutrition to injury prevention. I re-read it every time I train for a marathon.

Ready. Set. RUN!!!!!

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5 Responses to Day One, Yet Again

  1. Congrats on setting your sights on your next big adventure. Good luck with the training!

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