Blenheim Vineyard

I’ve been drinking too much wine this summer. Like WAY too much! It’s hard not to with so many beautiful vineyards around. Just a perk of living in VA wine country I suppose.

On Saturday (before my appointment at the salon) friends and I got a picnic lunch from Feast and drove out to Dave Matthews Band’s vineyard, Blenheim, for a lovely afternoon soiree.

For my outfit, I decided to mix patterns and textures. I felt dressed up but not too much so in a lace crochet top (via Vineyard Vines) paired with a light blue striped skirt (via Zara) and a brown belt

One thing’s for sure, I gotta lay off the sauce the next few weekends. Probably not likely, however, as I will be in Myrtle Beach all next week and then have a trip up to the Hamptons planned with some friends the weekend after that. I can detox/rest in the winter, right?

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3 Responses to Blenheim Vineyard

  1. I LOVE that lacey top and that looks like a wonderful picnic!


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