I’ve had this dress that I love for three years now. It’s a long maxi style so it’s on trend now and it’s got the most gorgeous teal flower design. I bought it full price at BCBG to wear to my sister’s wedding rehearsal dinner during summer 2008 and just haven’t worn it since! I’ve seen it lurking in the back of my closet and I KNEW what I wanted to do with it this summer.

Repurpose it!

This is what it looks like, as worn at my sis’s wedding rehearsal dinner

With my twin and older sis

Second from the left

This is how I wore it the other night for dinner out in Staunton, Va.

Dress: BCBG; Tee: Gap; Cross-body bag: H&M; Cat-eye Sunnies: Urban Outfitters

A soft gray t-shirt tied into a knot was a quick addition but it totally changed the whole formal vibe of the dress 🙂

And it was perfect for a quick yet beautiful drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains for dinner in Staunton.

Downtown Staunton

We ate dinner at Staunton Grocery, a restaurant that uses all local ingredients direct from the farm.

I had the milk-fed chicken and shared a side of roasted potatoes and squash. You can imagine my horror when the squash came out deep fried (it didn’t say they’d be fried on the menu). Suffice to say that my philosophy has always been that frying is completely unnecessary and unhealthy and is only appropriate if it makes the ingredient or food taste much better. There is nothing wrong with locally grown fresh squash. A little roasting and salt and pepper and it’d be good to go! So there you have it….that’s probably the South for ya. Frying everything in sight haha.

Is that fried...squash?!

Anyhow, back to repurposing a dress. I really liked it because it was a super easy outfit. When some friends decided to go tailgate at a Polo match yesterday I thought I’d try it out again on a different dress (and a tank instead this time).

Dress: Anthropologie (old); Tank: Target; Bag: Kate Spade; Watch: Michael Kors; Hat: Nordy's; Flip Flops: Rainbow

And OOOHhh did we have a fab spread at our tent!

Fresh tomato, mozzarella, and basil salad

Cheese and fruit to pair with the wine

I can definitely get used to these Southern traditions! 🙂

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