Brews With A View

Last night I went to a fundraising event for the local theater/gallery Live Arts in Charlottesville. The rooftop party, “Brews With A View”, was packed full of young professionals enjoying wine, beer from South Street Brewery, and a live band. The weather was AMAZING…not nearly as hot or humid as it has been in past weeks. I decided to take advantage of the cooler temps by putting together an “in between” outfit (which I’ve talked about before here).

Blazer: Aqua c/o Bloomies; Top: Urban Outfitters; Shorts: Forever 21; Shoes: Nine West; Bag: Longchamp; Watch: Michael Kors

I recently got a new light beige blazer from Bloomingdales and knew it would be a perfect topper for the summer. I have very similar blazers from Zara (in black) and Anthropologie (in a gray sweatshirt material). I decided to pair my new blazer with some navy shorts, a flowy top, and some wedge heels. It was comfortable yet I felt totally appropriate for the gallery venue (and bar afterwards!).

And the outfit held up as the beer and wine turned to champagne and Crowne later in the night…as for me, I held up but I’m definitely feeling it today 🙂

Sunset on the Rooftop at Live Arts

Beer from South Street Brewery

Jamming out later in the night

Blue Light Grill

 Tonight I’m driving out to Staunton, Va, for dinner and drinks.

Staunton is supposed to be a really cute, hip town right at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have a few ideas of what I want to wear but am not sure yet.

Do you have any plans/outfit ideas for the weekend? 

Happy Friday!! 🙂

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