I need to get my hair did

Like yesterday. It’s been way too long since I’ve had color or even a trim. Nasty. The reason why I’ve been holding out is that summers in central Va are hot and humid and I end up just putting it into a pony or bun everyday anyways (unless I’m going out to the bar on the weekend or something). Also, I find that if I color my hair in the summer one of two things happens: 1) if I get highlights the sun lightens it way too much and I end up with overly blonde/orangey hair and 2) if I dye my hair darker–which is what I usually do–it fades way too fast because of the sun and the fact that I’m swimming outside all the time. So I figure I should just wait until early fall, or at least the end of August for some color. But OYE do I need a trim! Here’s a look back at some of my do’s

With bangs!

Super inky black (way too dark)

Still that way too dark color!

Some highlights to add dimension

Loooong and Straight

One of my blonder moments

Last summer I think I went a little too light

I have to say that my favorite is probably the first look, although bangs are impossible in the summer here. I’ll probably cut it that exact way again come fall. I’ve definitely got to drag my ass to the salon SOON!

Do you wear your hear differently in the summer? How do you style it so that stands up to the weather? 

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