Wacky Wednesday


1200 yard swim outside (ladders of 50, 100, 150, 200 x2, 200 cool down)

Soccer game (1 hour 15 min)…almost killed me.


Today has been weird. I woke up at 7am and couldn’t go back to sleep. WHAT?!?!! After surfing the gossip sites on my phone for 10 min I was back asleep until 10:30. Ahhh that’s better. But I’ve been up and about all day with this feeling of anxiety. Like there’s something I should be doing but I’m not. What could this something be? I’ve been through my email inbox, worked on the journal article I am writing, sent a networking email to someone I met last week…WHAT IS IT???

My body is feeling so out of whack too. I played soccer for the first time in ages and I literally can’t move most muscles today. The muscles in my feet, sides of my calves, and hips are killing me. I’m hobbling around like a crippled old person.


P.S. that is definitely NOT me in the picture 😉

So back to the anxiety. I am completely flummoxed (hehe, like that word). While I try to figure out why I have this overly anxious feeling, I’m going to surf some of my favorite sites. Here are a few good ones today:

Runner’s World has a good article on mental tricks to motivate yourself to run longer/farther

Love checking out Jessica’s style at What I Wore

Shoe sale today at Bluefly

Check out airfare deals at Travelzoo

Madewell has the best summer looks

Do you ever feel anxious about something and don’t know why? 

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