Excuses, excuses

Other than working on a few articles for work and one freelance writing project (yep, that’s what I said…I’m gonna be rolling in the $$$$$$…well not really, actually haha) I’ve not really been on my computer lately. A lot of my energy this summer has been put toward teaching my history course at the community college and the pool 🙂 But there’s so much I want to share and hold myself accountable to so I need to get back into a routine. Reading Running Off The Reese’s obsessively every day does not count as a routine (wait, maybe it does?!).

"Excuses, excuses...let's just sleep all day and forget it!"

It’s so easy to come up with excuses not to do certain things (it doesn’t help that I ran across this fab blog that gives you an excuse for basically anything!) Here are the things that have been keeping me from my usual routines:

1. Traveling to Florida/Michigan/D.C.

Kick ass hotel

Even more kick ass room/view from hotel

The beach, obv

Looking like a fool at the beach

Looking like a fool on Ocean Dr. South Beach

Gambling away all of my $$

Eating the most amazeball salads

Trying to look natural. FAIL

With my gorgeous--and 7 1/2 months pregnant--sis (and twin sis)

2. Drinking heavily

SkinnyGirrrrrrrl ritas



So let’s just say I need to get back on track with some stuff. Like sleeping. Eating well. Sobriety. Running (my favorite thing and yet every freakin’ summer I can’t bring myself to brave the disgusting, hot sticky heat!). While the Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon is still months and months away, I want to actually follow a 16 week training plan this time, rather than wing it for 12 weeks (like I did for the past two marathons: this one and this one). And yes, today I signed up for…..GASP!….a 5k race this Friday. I know, I know why spend the $ on a race that’s over in the blink of an eye? I can’t remember the last time I actually signed up for one. But this one is soooo cool! It’s the Vine to Wine 5k

Here’s what’s included: “spectacular mountain views, a performance gender specific tee, a commemorative wine glass and post-race party with wine samplings.” Vine to Wine 5k

Wooohoo…free booze. A perfect Friday night pre-party before hitting up the bars! Wait…wasn’t I going to lay off the booze and bingeing? Well, there’s always next week…

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