I snuck one in

A workout that is. Today was chock full of bridal shower activities for my cousin at my grandma’s house in Farmington, MI. I thought I’d do a separate post on that because I’m going to yet another shower tomorrow for my sister who is having a baby (I’m going to be an auntie! 🙂 ). Of course we needed to take the obligatory pics prior to the shower. Here’s a few

Twin sis Becky and I

Becky amid all the presents and chaos in the kitchen

Oh and did I mention that my parents have the cutest, smushiest little french bulldog, Zinnie?

Makes me miss my own little nugget

I hog the covers...so what?

After the shower I was feeling a bit tired so I took a short nap, which helped me feel rested for my quick 5 mile run in my neighborhood. Although Michigan is by and large flat, my parent’s neighborhood has a ton of big hills (we are in the woods) so it was a pretty good workout. And my interval training has been paying off! I ran the 5 miles at about a 8:10 pace without feeling really tired at all. I think taking yesterday off from exercising really helped my legs feel fresh.

Well I’m off now for some dinner and then my parents and I are going to see Miss Saigon at the Civic Theater. Up early again tomorrow for more shower fun!

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