Workout in a pinch

If I feel like I want to squeeze in a last minute workout or don’t have lots of time to exercise I always turn to the same workout. This morning, since I only had 40 min before I needed to go to the airport, I followed my quickie workout plan. This workout is also in line with my commitment to do more higher intensity and interval workouts this summer. Although this is a short(er) one, it’s by no means easy. It works well if you only have 30-40min or so because it allows you to get your heart rate up, scorch calories, and fit in a little bit of strength training. The key to my quickie workout is to push at 100% almost the whole time with no breaks in between cardio machines or strength exercises.

1. Treadmill Intervals: 20 min

For this workout you will alternate running at your lactate threshold (as fast as you can go. You should feel the BURN with this one!) with jogging to increase your overall efficiency. This is different–and more effective–than a run/walk interval workout because maintaining a jog after each fast segment will allow your body to learn how to better recover after speed surges (in races, for instance) and should help you to increase your VO2 max (how effectively your blood carries oxygen to your muscles). Going from an all out run to a walk just won’t be as effective PLUS this will burn more calories, yay!. The progressively faster intervals will also teach you to push through fatigue.  Although a lot of interval workouts go by time or minutes, I like to run by distance. Feel free to modify!

Warmup: 2 min, 6.0 on treadmill (10 min/mile pace)–for this workout this will be the slowest you go

Approx .2–>.5 mi: 7.5

.5–>.7 mi: 6.0

.7–>1: 8.0

1–>1.2: 6.0

1.2–>1.5: 8.0

1.5–>1.7: 6.0

1.7–>2.0: 8.5

2.0–>2.2: 6.0

2.2–>2.5: 9.0


2. Elliptical: 10 min

Jump off the treadmill at mile 2.5 and jog over to the elliptical (remember, no breaks yet!). Set the incline high (18-20) and the resistance relatively high (9-10+). 10 minutes at a high intensity with these settings will give your glutes and hammies the resistance workout that they didn’t get with the run (unless you varied the incline on the treadmill, which I don’t).

3. Strength: 7 min

Pick 2-3 of your favorite upper body weight moves. For me I always do the chest press and bicep curls because these work muscles that aren’t targeted by my swimming workouts (I usually just rely on swimming for all of my upper body strength). Do two reps of each with heavy weights. Keep that fire burning!!

4. Core/situps: 3 min

3 minutes of balls to the wall crunches/sit-ups/corework, whatever you like to do. I like to start on the ball and finish on the mat with some reverse crunches and a bicycle sit-up.

CONGRATS, you sweaty mess! You just burned approximately 450 calories (give or take depending on  your own intensity/weight) 🙂

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