Sprint Tri Prep

Today’s been such a lazy day. I woke up to this face, which told me one thing: Sophie wanted to sleep more.

I'm so comfy, I don't need to go outside yet!

So we did! I didn’t get out of bed until 11am. Mmmmm felt good. I think I always take for granted that I have this amazing little doggy who can sleep in later than me!!

The only thing I had planned was to drive to Waynesboro (about 25 min west of Cville) to pick up my packet for tomorrow’s Shenandoah Tri for the Y Spring Triathlon.

It’s gonna be tons of fun because it is a pool swim (so basically a different beast than an open water, like I did for the White Lake Half Ironman). The 15 miles for the bike are supposed to be challenging and I believe it! Waynesboro is adjacent to Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park. The 5k run to round things out shouldn’t be too taxing though. Overall, a nice little workout eh? I’m not trying to go balls to the wall because my ITBS, which flared up after the Shamrock Marathon and again during the White Lake Half Ironman, has been feeling much better with my shorter, less intense training schedule.

Per my usual routine, I laid out all of my gear once I got my running, bike, and helmet bibs. I’m #23, which means I will be the 23rd to start the swim. This means that I am in the beginning with the faster swimmers. I hope I can keep up!!

Now off to clean a bit and to make dinner (I think you can see my laundry in the background 😉 )!

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