Next Marathon Options

So the coolest thing about being in the dissertation stage of my PhD is that my schedule gets insanely flexible. No more classes. Nope, just some research work and my dissertation (oh just that 😉 ) That gives me a lot of leeway in planning any trips or future races! Here are some options that I am considering:

1. Vegas Rock n’ Roll Marathon (“The World’s Largest Nighttime Running Event”), December 4

I’ve had my eye on this beauty for awhile now. It is all run AT NIGHT and on the Vegas strip. How cool is that? Add in bands at every mile and I’m sold. Sign me up! I’m thinking about making a week trip out of it that way I can stay for a little while and party it up after 🙂  The only thing holding me back is that it looks like there is a pretty strict time limit to finish the marathon (4hrs 30 min).

Now I know that I can run faster than that, but….well what if something happens? What if I don’t feel well that day? I like to know I have a little bit of a cushion!

I really want to get my sister to run this one with me, but I think she’s given up on marathon running (poop, because she’s super fast unlike me).

With Becky at the 2008 Chicago Marathon

2. Marshall University Marathon, Huntington, WV, Nov 6   

Ok, yes I know this is completely random but I read about this small marathon and I was kind of intrigued. Interesting to run a marathon in one of the least healthy towns in America, eh? What I like about it is that you finish at the Marshall football stadium and are handed a football to run the final 100 yards to the finish line. Yep, I’m a sucker for gimmicks 😉

3. Philadelphia Marathon, November 20 

Not much to say here other than I love a big city marathon. Philly seems to be one of those that you can still sign up for without entering a lottery, qualifying, or registering before it closes (and I have vented about my frustrations in signing up for NYC).

Well those are the big ones I have my eyes on. There are definitely some shorter races, triathlons, and obstacle events I plan to do this summer but I get excited planning a bigger event for the fall/winter 🙂

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2 Responses to Next Marathon Options

  1. The night race sounds so exciting!

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