Hot & Sticky

I woke up this morning and forgot that it was still May. It feels like the middle of July in central Virginia: hot and sticky!!! Today’s forecast: 92 degrees. Tomorrow and this weekend: 85 (a bit more normal).

I had to get up early to go to the dentist (yuck!) and when I walked to my car at 8am it was already sizzling outside. The dentist went well–I have had a bad history with the dentist–and I thought I had my day all planned out for me. I was going to write my article for a few hours and then head over to the pool for some sun and fun 🙂 After writing, though, I just didn’t feel like baking in such hot weather. See, I always love going to the pool, but sometimes if it’s too hot or if I’m not feeling well I just don’t want to be sweating up a storm outside (and also reapplying sunscreen the whole time—remember kids, wear your sunscreen!!!!!!!). I decided that I’d rather be in a chilling out indoors. Sometimes, or rather usually, I’m freezing in the air conditioning. Today, however, it feels fantastic! I took a little trip over to Target to get some mouthwash (nothing like going to the dentist to remind you that you need to get some new floss and mouthwash) and see what else I could find. I think it’s a common occurrence for most people: you go to Target and you end up buying $50 worth of stuff you weren’t planning on getting. Yep, so typ.

I ended up getting a clipless curling iron for my hair that I’ve been wanting for awhile. You just wrap certain section of your hair around it for a more natural look (or so it claims). It looks exactly like this:

I’ll try to practice sometime this weekend. Hope y’all have some fun plans for Memorial Day weekend!!!

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