Catching Up

Wow, I’ve been offline for quite a few days! You might have thought the Rapture got me, but I just decided to take a mini-break from my computer 😉 After I turned in my qualifying paper on Friday I knew I needed  break from my computer for a few days. I was so burned out. I didn’t even open my computer or check my email until this morning. Felt so good!

A nice trip up to D.C. for the weekend also helped me unwind. My parents and older sister Jessica were in town. They were actually planning on coming down to Charlottesville to see me but we all decided last minute that it would be better to avoid Cville last weekend (it was graduation weekend and packed with parents and students everywhere!). I like heading up to D.C. every now and then because it’s so close and there is so much to do!

Like sightsee off the mall

And visit museums (we went to the American History Museum 🙂 )

Jessica and the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz

The Original Muppets!

Julia Child's Kitchen (awesome exhibit)!

And some more walking around


All in all a nice weekend! My sister is pregnant with her first child (a girl!!) so it was really nice to see her and the baby bump 🙂

This week has been back to the grind…but I’m not as busy as I was before. I’m teaching at the Community College and my first class was last night. It went so well!!! The students are really bright and I can’t wait for the rest of the summer term. I’m also working on a new article for a journal and another article of mine is finished and will be published later this year (yes!!!). I don’t have any great plans for Memorial Day weekend, but here is what is tentatively planned: Camping off the Blue Ridge Parkway, attending the first polo match at King Family Vineyards, Tubing the James River, and going to the pool!!! OH YEA BABY, it’s summer 🙂

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3 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos – they make me want to go to DC and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. No prob!!! Hope life in the burgh is well (you’re in Pittsburgh, right?!) A couple summers ago I went there for a visit: Pirate’s Game, out on Cary St (I think?). It was fun!!

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