Final Stretch

My qualifying paper is due tomorrow!!!! If I pass, I get the green light to start my dissertation! If I don’t pass…well, I actually don’t know what happens (?!). So positive thoughts: I’m going to pass, I’m going to pass, I’m going to pass.

On my final day of working on this paper, which is 4 months in the making, I’ve decided to take over the whole front counter at Panera.

Nothing like a little people watching to supplement my final edits! 🙂

And a little nourishment a la Luna Protein. I love these bars mostly because they have this chewy nougat inside. I’d have to say that cookie dough is probably my favorite because it literally tastes like cookie dough!

I love 'em all, but especially cookie dough!

I swear after tomorrow I will have more time to write interesting posts. And I’m going to D.C. this weekend to see my parents, sister, and friends 🙂

Final Stretch Baby…

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