What to do with all those race t-shirts

When I first got into running (it’s only been 5 years!), I did a ton of 5 and 10ks. I mean I did one almost every weekend. Back then, all I was interested in doing was chasing my 5k PR and upping my anaerobic capacity (vs. my aerobic endurance, which is of relatively low intensity and long duration like running distances). Plus, they were cheap and fun! As a result of all that speedwork, I got in incredible shape…and developed a nice collection of race shirts. Since then, I’ve participated in a plethora of other events and distances, such as 5 milers, 10 milers, 15ks, half marathons, marathons, duathlons, and triathlons. My t-shirt collection is now too large for me to store it! Truth be told, I only keep a few of my favorites in my dresser drawers. The other ones are stored in a bin beneath my bed.

The time has come to do something with my t-shirts. But I can’t just give them away!!! (I have, sadly, given away some of them and I now regret it). I am emotionally attached to each and every one! I can remember each race in detail because they are all different! I’ve decided to have a racing t-shirt quilt made. This way I can still have all my shirts but also see and use them–as a quilt!

I’ve done some looking online at my options, and RaceQuilt.com seems like a good place to start. Here are some examples that they show:

If I was only a skilled sewer, I could make one myself 😉

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2 Responses to What to do with all those race t-shirts

  1. I think t-shirt quilts are a great idea – my mom has all of mine from highschool and college groups that I was a part of and swears she’s making me one some day.

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