61.2 miles is far, but not as far as 70.3

I’m back! Back to civilization where there is cell service, wifi, and more than just pizza and fried chicken joints.

So here’s the quick and dirty version of my first half ironman, the White Lake Half, and I’m not going to downplay it. Swimming 1900 meters is FAR; biking 56 miles is FAR; and then running half marathon? Ridiculous. It makes just running a half marathon a piece of cake.

The swim was amazing even though the start was delayed for an hour due to fog! I thought I’d finish somewhere around 50 minutes, but I killed it and was done at 38 minutes. I got out of the water and ran to the transition area (which takes a minute or two) to try to shake out my legs and get over that woozy, dizzy feeling that comes after getting up from “lying” vertically for almost 40 minutes. I noticed at the transition area that almost all of the bikes were still there. I was going to be out in front! Woohoo! Unfortunately that didn’t last long. Around mile 25-30 on the bike my left knee started acting up yet again. I complain about my ITBS so much on here that I’ll spare you the details, just know that it hurt every time I pushed the pedal. And let me tell ya, 56 miles is a LONG way to go. Especially in that heat (once the fog lifted it was sunny and HOT!) With a hurt knee it took me about 4 hours. That’s 4 hours of pedaling non-stop. I didn’t stop once! I knew, though, that when I got back I would have a difficult time running with my knee. I tried a bit but it was no use. I would’ve been limping throughout the whole half marathon course–and it is TOO BAD, because I felt pretty good otherwise! My energy management strategy to eat a Powerbar right when I got on the bike, take some Chomps during my 2nd hour on the bike, and a Gu in my final hour seemed to be right on. I felt like I had energy…and stamina…but my knee thought otherwise. Overall, it was really fun though! And obviously I’ll try again in the future when I finally get over my annoying knee problem. Next time, though, I won’t try to race a half ironman 6 weeks out from running a marathon 😉 Oh, and I’ll also wear sunscreen. I got a wicked sunburn on my back being on the bike.

Here’s a recap of the weekend in pictures:

Day before/Expo/Packet Pick-up

Only in the South do you get hush puppies with your bread bowl


I got a free tech shirt and some socks!!!

View night before from hotel

The Gear (there is so much gear for a triathlon!!!)


Towels, goggles, swim cap, body glide (100% necessary for under the wetsuit!)

Swim top, tri shorts, tank, bib, visor, watch

Bike: new tires, gu bag, aero bars, aero bar water bottle (necessary!!!)

Race Day

Setting up transition

Transition Area


Delayed start, waiting for fog to lift

Getting ready

Great shot of us swimming out to the first 600 meter booey turn. Yep, it's that one all the way in the very back. Times that by over 3...


61.2 miles in 4 hours and 39 min…

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12 Responses to 61.2 miles is far, but not as far as 70.3

  1. What an amazing performance – be proud of yourself! I know how frustrating injuries can be.

  2. Claire says:

    Aww thanks so much. Seriously! So nice to hear because I’m so hard on myself!

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