Fish Out of Water



So there is absolutely no wifi in White Lake, NC and barely any cell service! We’re so isolated (and it’s kind of fun!). I thought I’d do a quick post on my phone it being the night before my half ironman debut and all 🙂 I’ve got a ton of pictures already so I’ll have to do a long post when I get back.

After stopping in Smithfield last night (and a quick trip tp the outlets this morning 😉 ) I arrived in White Lake. I’m not kidding when I say that it is seriously out of the 50s. Everything from the cheesy motels to the minuature golf places, hehe. When I pulled up to the race expo, though, it was all business. A quick check-in in to get my bib totally freaked me out. The swim course looks beautiful, but all the other racers are so hardcore with their gear and tri bikes. There are triathletes everywhere! I saw so many people working on their bikes outside while driving around the small town. As a runner  I guess I just feel like a fish out of water, but i’m sure i’ll be fine.

So after some final tweaks to my bike (above), a pasta dinner, and loading/organizing all my gear I think i’m ready! Hopefully my butterflies won’t keep me awake! Up at 5am to tackle this beast…

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