The Bagel is Back Baby!

I’m sure I’ve written ad nauseum about how much I love bagels. If I’m not careful, I could eat a bagel for every meal of the day and for snacks. That’s why I usually try to restrict my bagel intake. But when I’m training–and carb loading–for a race I eat bagels to my hearts content. Today’s lunch is one of my faves and I’m sure I’ll be giving myself free range to hit up Bodo’s Bagels throughout the week as the Half Ironman approaches. A perfect spot at a table outside of the store to enjoy my sandwich never hurts.

Turkey, lettuce, tomato, and hummus on a plain bagel. Mmmmm

If I’m being “good” I’ll get it on a whole wheat bagel. If I’m especially “bad” I’ll add in meunster cheese (I realize that either way the sandwich is still healthy and helps me fuel up for my 2xday workouts). Now off to do some of my statistics final in the bright sunny sunshine on the lawn!! Happy Monday!

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