Half Ironman Prep

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to check-in yesterday (even though I’m sure no one really noticed 😉 ). I slept late and then got up for a nice easy 8 mile run. Guess what? My knee held up!! That’s right, my knee, which has been hurting due to some ITBS, finally feels on the mend. And just in time because in 5 days I am going to do the White Lake Half Ironman. That’s 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. EEEEeeek! What did I get myself into? Before I get into my anxieties about the race here’s a bit more of what I did yesterday.

After my run I went to go watch my soccer team play their final game. It was such a nice day out so I brought the old camp chair and some ice for my knee just to make sure I could prevent any lingering inflammation.

Ice ice baby

I also brought along some drinks. As soon as summer comes I become obsessed with iced tea. I can drink it in all different flavors, but my favorite is just plain with some lemon. I also love Starbucks iced green tea (unsweetened or with a Splenda packet) If I get a pre-packaged version I like diet iced green tea. Yesterday I picked up..get this…watermelon iced tea. It was nice and refreshing!

The team won 3-1 and I got some good shots. After my race I’m going to play again and I miss it so much!

A nice little Sunday if you ask me. Some sleeping, running, eating, sun bathing, and spectating.

So back to the White Lake H.I.M. Totally freaking out because I’ve done the bare minimum training for it. I just keep telling myself my only goal is to finish, but it’s hard because I’m super competitive (with myself)! I was able to take my bike in to the shop on Saturday for a tune up and she came back just like new, with spanking new tires and all 🙂 They’re “gator-skin” tires so supposedly they help prevent flats.

Ruby's Ready

I’ve also made some minor adjustments to the seat and aero bars as well as added a bike bag for my gus and such. I think she’s just about ready!! My wet suit is supposedly coming this week so then I’ll really get excited.

I can push hard this week, but anyone who’s every done any distance event will say that you really can’t gain any more fitness in the final week or two. Now it’s all about tapering and letting my muscles heal and my body strengthen up so I feel fresh and loose on Saturday. I’ll probably do one more spin class and a few more swim workouts and then, BOOM, Half Ironman 🙂

So only a few more days until I’m off to White Lake, NC. I’m going to leave on Thursday evening and stay through Sunday!!

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