BolderBOULDER 10k

Let me just nonchalantly say that I’m MOVING TO BOULDER, COLORADO FOR THE SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!! I accepted the policy and research analyst position and will be driving out in just a few weeks. I know I’ll miss Charlottesville, but I’ve been wanting to head out to Denver or Boulder for years so hopefully I can make some connections and move out permanently after next year. The move is really scary because I don’t know anyone, but it’s also exciting too! SO much to do out there. I’m going to go hiking and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains every weekend! (or I want to anyways) 🙂

Boulder is also home to one of the largest 10k races in the country. About a month ago I ran the Richmond Monument 10k, another huge race with about 40,000. The BOLDERBoulder 10k is even bigger, with over 50,000!!!  It’ll be my first weekend there (May 30), and what better way to celebrate living in a new city than to run a race?

“What about the fact that you won’t be acclimated to the altitude (they sell shirts that say “sea level is for sissies”)?”, you ask. Well I figure it’ll be 2 weeks after my half ironman and I can just take it nice and slow, no need to push for a PR. If I really feel crappy obviously I’ll stop. But I think it’ll be ok, I bet I just won’t be able to go as fast as I usually do because I’ll feel more lethargic. Plus it’s only 10k, right?

Oh and you get to finish in the stadium. Check that out!!

Wohoo. May is going to be SO busy finishing up all of my work, racing the White Lake Half Ironman, and moving out to Colorado!

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2 Responses to BolderBOULDER 10k

  1. Moving so far away would have me majorly stressed out! Good for you for being so gutsy – it will be a great experience!

  2. Thank you!!! It’s freaking me out a bit, haha. I’m sure I’ll be writing about being homesick

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