Foxfield Races Recap

Ahh, it’s so nice to be home. After an awful delay at Philly airport, I finally made it back to Ann Arbor, where my mom had dinner waiting: steak, corn, salad, and cantaloupe for dessert. While my belly is nice and full I thought I’d give a recap of the fun in the sun we had yesterday at the Foxfield races 🙂

6am: Alarm clock goes off. After groaning and snoozing for about 10 more minutes I forced myself out of bed so I could take a shower and curl my hair (I knew it’d eventually straighten outside but I wanted to make an effort). My plan was to wear my hair in a side pony with a flower ponytail holder that way I could wear my hair off my neck but still look nice with my big hat on.

7am: Load up car to drive to my friend’s apt. In went: 2 cases of beer, cooler with lemonade and vodka, redbulls, cold cut platter with sub rolls, bag full of sunscreen, camera (which I FORGOT in the car, can you believe it??), wallet, etc.

7:30am: Enjoy big mimosa at my friend’s apartment before leaving. Take off for the field (about 10 miles from Cville)

8am: arrive at field only to find that we can’t enter until 9am. Fill time with more drinking…

Line of cars waiting to get in at 9am (we were waiting on the other side)

Let us in!

9am: one of first cars in, we park easily and start the trek to our plot

9:30am: Tent is up, food and drinks are out. Let’s get this party started!

Site is set up, beer in coozy, feeling good

11am: walk through the hundreds of drunk undergrads to check out the cigar tent (we got one)…

And the hats…

And the Vineyard Vines tent for free swag…

Free swag at the Vineyard Vines tent

12pm: back to our plot for a group pic

12:30pm: time to get down with beer pong, corn hole, and such

Lilly coozy obvi

3pm: Sun, drinks, good food & friends, and maybe some toys (bubbles!!!!) = feeling good

3:30pm: Actually remember about the horse races and walk the 10yards to the rail to check it out

4pm +: Day has been so much fun! Picture of some of the partying in the infield where our plot is

Cheers Foxfield! You never disappoint

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