Back to the Deuce

I wasn’t feeling great this morning after yesterday’s shenanigans, but I knew I needed to get up and get a swim in before I left for Ann Arbor because I won’t have time to work out again until Wednesday. A 1200 yard swim did the trick (I’ve mentioned before how swimming is great when you are hungover!) and then I was off to the airport to fly to my hometown, Ann Arbor–aka A2, The Deuce, home of the University of Michigan and my parents 🙂

Unfortunately when I fly from Charlottesville, I have to connect through a larger city (there used to be a direct flight to Detroit but Delta got rid of it). Today I am flying through Philadelphia.

I wish I could say that I’ll have a chance to do some of the fun things A2 has to offer, but I’m just flying in to present at a conference tomorrow and then flying back Tuesday morning. Maybe I’ll get a nice dinner out tomorrow night though 🙂 Hope you have a productive & relaxing (contradictory I know) Sunday!

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2 Responses to Back to the Deuce

  1. Enjoy A2!!! And good luck in Philly . . . I freakin’ hate that airport!!!

  2. Yep, Philly sucks. My flight was delayed 3 hours…surprise, surprise

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