Rain on my parade

Why? Why? WHY, New York Road Runners, do you make it absolutely impossible to get a bib to run the New York City Marathon. After such a great day yesterday I’m sad to report that I wasn’t chosen in the lottery to run NYC.

Damn it to hell, why you gotta rain on my parade? Guess I’ll try again next year.

Although I REALLY want to run the NYC marathon and have to wait yet another year to see if I can get a bib, I’m still excited. Why? Tomorrow is FOXFIELDS (I explain here)!!!!!!!! I’ve been preparing everything I need:

Sundress: check (I’ll post a pic soon)

Big floppy hat: check

Accessories: check (hair ponytail, sunglasses, coozy)

Beer/Liquor: check (I’m in charge of bringing two cases of beer for my plot)

Food: check (we’re using a google doc to decide one who is bringing what. Because we’re starting so early–around 7:30am–we have to plan for breakfast and lunch)

And to top it all off: the weather for tomorrow is going to be 75 and sunny, no clouds in the sky. YYyyeeeaaa, that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

Now I’m off to go on a 2 hour 15 min bike ride, my last long ride until the White Lake Half Ironman that I race in 2 weeks (eeeek!)

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3 Responses to Rain on my parade

  1. I’ve only heard from those who weren’t chosen… was ANYONE chosen?

    PS – How do celebrities always seem to get in? hmm…

    Happy weekend!

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