Office Tour

My friends, I hate to keep writing the same thing day in an day out (that can get so repetitive!) but I am so completely consumed by work this and next week. I stayed up until 3am last night and was up and back on the computer by 9am this morning.

Gone is the sun and I’m actually glad that way I don’t feel bad about holing up in my office.

Out come the Hunter boots

And I’ve shut myself into my office. While my office is small–about 8 x 10–it is all mine. This is a big feat for a graduate student. Most other PhD students have to share an office and I have my own because my advisor is the bomb diggity and makes sure she takes care of me 🙂 When I shut the door, I am completely separate from everything, and possibly the best part is that when the door is shut no one knows I’m in there (for this reason, I usually leave the door open a crack unless I really don’t want to be bothered…like now).

Probably the most useful thing in my office (other than my desktop & laptop computers and printer/scanner) is my mini fridge. I stole it at the beginning of the year when a lot of faculty and staff were moving to the new building next door. Ok, so I didn’t exactly “steal” it. It was left in the hallway for someone to take, and…yoinks!! I snatched it up. It’s great having a fridge in my office so I can keep yogurts, drinks, and my lunch.

And when I get overly stressed out I play with the magnets

Sustenance in my drawer: instant oats, peanut butter, luna bars, soup, hot chocolate, and yogi tea (Detox, my fave!!)

View from my desk of my bulletin board: pictures of races I’ve done and places I’ve been as well as post-its to keep me motivated. I love my name tag that says “everyday is a running day”. I made it for my desk when I was working as a consultant for a non-profit organization in Boston and was training for my first marathon (Chicago).

And of course I have a few stress relief items around (like my stress hotdog)

Sometimes I even get some company from Sophie

Hope you’re having a productive Wednesday. Let’s get some work done!

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