Summer Breeze

I’m not going to sugar coat this: I’ve had a terribly hectic and stressful morning. Well actually  yesterday and today have been awfully stressful and I know that the rest of the week won’t be much better. I had to present my Qualifying Exam (proposed study) and while it went well, I was stressed out all yesterday and last night about finishing the Power Point and the paper.

Hours upon hours of work all boils down to....this?

You’d think that after it was done I’d feel a little bit of relief. Nope! It was off to a meeting where we discussed the two proposals and some research objectives that need to be done by the end of the week. Not to mention the stats final I have on Thursday. Oh, and I have to put together my slides for a presentation I’m giving at a conference in Ann Arbor on Monday. Ok, enough complaining (although it helps!!)

There is one thing I’m standing firm on: I’m taking ALL DAY SATURDAY off for FOXFIELDS!!!!!!! The Foxfields Horse Races are the only thing getting me through the week.

Oh and this gorgeous 80+ degree weather and amazing outside workspace doesn’t hurt 😉

Summer breeze, makes me feel fine...

Please tell me your week is going better?

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3 Responses to Summer Breeze

  1. Mine is not, so I can commiserate with you! At least you get to go to Ann Arbor next week! Jealous!

  2. Oh no!!! We both have crappy weeks. Booo. I’m only in Ann Arbor for a day and a half so I won’t be doing much other than going to the conference 😦 Maybe we can get together that following weekend (a week from this weekend)…unless I can convince you to come to FOXFIELDS!!!!!!!!

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