Marathon Madness

I’ve got it. I know, I know…yesterday I was excited to share my adventures in becoming a fitness swimmer (and I still love that I can swim now!) but I’m a runner first and foremost. While eating my dinner last night (a not so impressive whole wheat pasta and marinara with chicken and broccoli) I got an email on my phone from the New York Road Runners, the organization that puts on the New York City Marathon. Back in January I decided to enter the lottery for this year’s NYC Marathon in hope that they would pick ME and I could then achieve my goal of running “the big three”(Chicago–check; Boston–check; NYC–_____). Upon paying my $11 deposit, I found out that I was # 717, 602. To give this some perspective, they only accept about 42,000 runners overall, and about half of that number are guaranteed spots through charities or qualifying times. I was told that I have an 8% chance of getting a bib #. 8%??????? I know I should be thrilled that the popularity of running has increased exponentially in the past 10 years (to sign up for these races before they meet their capacity one must register the day they open!). Statistics show a growing national participation in marathon and half marathon running (great article about this a few years back in the New York Times). It’s a great sport, one that is so accessible. All you need are some shoes; everyone was born knowing how to run, it’s not a skill you really need to learn–unless you want to work on bettering your form. This running boom has, however, made it more difficult on an individual scale to register for races. So this year I am # 717, 602 for the NYC Marathon Lottery.  In 2008,  only 57,665 people applied. WHOOOOAA.

Here’s the email I got:

My email from NYC Marathon

So April 27th is the day! The day when I find out if I am ridiculously lucky enough to run NYC later this fall and meet my goal of finishing the “big three”.

I’ve been reminiscing on marathon running a good amount this week anyways. I just finished the Shamrock Marathon almost exactly one month ago and a little over a year ago (a year on Marathon Monday) I ran the Boston Marathon. Boston is the best of the best, the creme de la creme. There is a reason it is the oldest, best, and most prestigious! Not only it is amazing to run through all of the towns and be cheered on by hundreds of thousands of spectators on your way from Hopkinton, MA to Boylston St. and Copley Sq., but the course is HARDDDDDDD. No joke.  It being my one year anniversary of running Boston (one year already??!?!)  thought I’d give a little recap of my experience running the city I called home for 5 years.

The Expo 


Running alongside Ryan Hall

Getting Pumped Up

26.2 Miles from Hopkinton to Copley Sq 🙂

A visit to the finish line the day before reveals some anxious, excited energy

This is a good representation of how difficult the course is!

As you can see, the course starts off downhill for a good 10 miles. Then starting at mile 14 there are three successive hills, each larger than the one before it. Heartbreak Hill is most runner’s breaking point (thus the name) and you can see it starting around 19 and peaking around mile 21. That’s the point where most people hit the wall as it is (humans are only really capable of having enough glycogen for 20 miles). The last 5 miles, while all downhill, are killer. While I trained adequately for the UPhills, I didn’t do enough for the DOWNhills and by the time I finished my quads were thrashed. The pain was soooo worth it though 🙂

Race Day

Ready to rock and roll at 5:30am in the hotel room

Line of runners at Boston Common waiting to board bus for trip out to Hopkinton

Athlete's Village at the starting line where you WAIT for your starting wave

Tents set up for runners to...hurry up...and wait

All bundled up in my throwaway clothes. Let's start this thing already!!

Only have a few pics during the race, but I kept this in mind at Heartbreak Hill

I did it!!! 4 hrs 24 min. With my medal 🙂

What a great experience!!! I would TOTALLY run it again 🙂

Here’s to hoping I am SUPER LUCKY to be picked in the NYC Marathon Lottery next Wednesday. Fingers crossed 😉

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7 Responses to Marathon Madness

  1. Congrats on your huge accomplishment! Sending good vibes your way for NYC 😉

  2. GAHHHH!!! I hope you get in, too!!!

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