Working Lunch

Sometimes if I look at my planner I get so anxious about finishing every project by their respective due dates. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day/night to get all of this work done AND do the things I need and enjoy such as exercise, EAT, clean, take Sophie for walks, blog, etc. I’m definitely feeling this pressured feeling today, especially as the end of the semester is coming up and my qualifying paper is due along with 2 article drafts and a conference presentation. Just get me through to June (at which point I’ll be ABD…All But Dissertation!!!).

So today’s lunch is pretty pathetic, but I needed something quick that I could eat while working on coding transcriptions for this qualitative article I am writing. I decided to head on upstairs to the big Mac so I could use both my laptop and the desktop (this will make me more efficient, right? 😉 )

So for lunch I’ve got a piece of low-carb wheat bread (made with flax) with peanut butter, some hummus and pita, and a banana.

Hopefully this will tide me over through all of this work AND my workout later. Yesterday was spin class and 30 min swim, so today will be running (probably around 6 miles) and 30 min swim.

And tonight is one of my favorite nights of TV!! I just have to make sure I get enough work done so that I have time to watch…

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2 Responses to Working Lunch

  1. What’s good Tuesday nights? Monday night is my TV night for sure (although I DVR everything and watch later in the week).

  2. Claire says:

    Ohh yea Mon night is great too (do you watch Bethany??) I like to switch between Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and Biggest Loser and I also like the show Parenthood.

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