Lunchtime Perks

Although I had to go right from one class to the conference symposium to yet another class, I had some nice perks at the symposium!!!

First off, it’s all about teaching and learning in Higher Education. The session I attended was about using different modalities and pedagogy to improve student learning in the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and medicine). While this isn’t my focus, it was so interesting for me! I wish I would’ve been able to go to the first breakout session on improving teaching along the educational pipeline (p-16), which is exactly what I study.

Secondly, I got free snacks!! Gotta appreciate the little things 🙂

TLC granola bars for FREE? yes, please!

Third of all, I got to meet and have a nice chat with the new President of UVa Teresa Sullivan (a fellow Univ of Michigan person!). I didn’t get a picture with her because that would just be weird, but here’s a picture of her:

Now off to my second stats class. Hope I can keep this energy up!

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