Spinning & Swimming

Ok, so I didn’t end up going to spin class today…

I biked outside instead!!! 🙂 Not sure if I’ve mentioned before on here that I have a new road bike. While it took a good chunk out of my savings, I consider it a lifestyle purchase–meaning that the benefits will far outweigh the financial costs. I already have a Trek hybrid bike, which is great for tooling around in and riding to class, but I’ve really wanted a racing bike for awhile. I swim and run almost everyday so I figured if I added in the biking I could start to do triathlons just for fun!

Meet Ruby the Racer

After researching different bikes and going to the bike store like every week for 2 months to see if they were having sales, I decided on a Fuji Roubaix ACR (carbon forks). Because she’s red and has the words “acr” on her side, I’ve name her “Ruby the Racer”. And let me tell you, she’s fast! My hybrid bike is pretty light and quick (with thin road tires), but it’s not nearly as quick as this baby. I have to admit that the past month I have felt totally out of my element with the biking stuff. I’m a runner/swimmer dammit! This biking is so technical; the guy at Performance Bicycle (who was soooo helpful) had to explain everything to me, from my pedals/shoes/cleats to the aero bars (which are being installed next week!). My Scattante shoes are great because I can wear them on my bike and to spin class (plus they’re super cute!).

I ended up riding for about an hour and a half (around 25 miles) and ended up at the AFC, where I swam for about 35 min. You might be asking yourself why I swim everyday (or I try to), but I take rest days off from running. Well, training for running and swimming are completely different. I’ll try to do a separate post on that really soon!

Just got out of the pool and I can feel my stomach rumbling.  Not sure what I’m having yet, but it’ll be something good. Hope the rest of your day went well!

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