This morning was a big-time fail. I had planned to get up early and get a swim in before my class at 9:30 so when I woke up at 7 and saw that it was raining cats and dogs outside (or as they say in the South, “pouring the rain down”) I was hesitant to go. You know when you feel like you should listen to your gut but don’t? Yea, I should have this morning. I decided to get up, put on my Hunter’s and rain jacket and brave the weather. As I was driving to the pool it started to storm. At that point I thought, “maybe I should turn around?” But I kept going. About 3 blocks from the pool traffic really started to pile up on the road. “Man! I should’ve turned around!”, I thought. After waiting for about 30 minutes in bumper to bumper traffic (there was an accident), I finally got to the pool. When I walked in the check-in girl told me that the pool was closed due to lightening. URGHGHhhh. That’s what I get for not listening to my gut. At that point I only had about 45 min to drive back home and change before class. It took me another 30 min to get back (just so you know I only live 1 mile from the gym) and by the time I got back there was no way I was making it to class. OYE, a comedy of errors. Epic Fail.

I decided I needed a “redo” on the day. I got back in bed and slept for another 2 hours (oooh it felt gooood) and woke up refreshed. Now this was how the day was supposed to start! I  took Sophie for a little walk and vowed to go swimming later this evening after my spin class. For motivation I put on one of my favorite t-shirts.

26.2 is the short part

I won this t-shirt from the Boston Marathon expo Saucony booth when I ran last April (the back says Boston Marathon 2010 🙂 ). I love it because it reminds me that the training and daily hard work is the most rewarding!!

Because class was a wash (no pun intended), I decided to head on over to Cville Coffee to do work. I’ve mentioned a few times before that I like to do my work at Cville Coffee, a local coffee shop in McIntire Plaza. I like it here not only because it has really good tea and yummy food and because it has a ton of places to sit; I mostly like it because it reminds me of my absolute favorite coffee shop Madison, the place I used to do all my work in undergrad: Electric Earth. I still dream about their amazing chicken salad sandwich with grapes and cranberries. Mmmm.

It's Electric Earth!!! ❤

For now, Cville Coffee will have to do. I always like to sit at the same table (same as I always like to run on the same treadmill). I guess I’m just a creature of habit!

One of my fave work areas

It’s funny that the picture above makes it seem like noone else is here. Unfortunately it is usually packed full of people.

Another reason I love it here is because they always have freshly baked cookies that are enormous! I come here so often, the guy behind the counter knows me and sometimes he brings me out a freshly baked cookie for free (perks to being a weird workaholic at a coffee shop!!!). They also have homemade granola which is amazeballs!

MMmm freshly baked

The BEST homemade granola

Here’s to hoping the rest of today goes off without a hitch. I’ll let y’all know how it goes a bit later 😉

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