Time to Get Real. Real Honest

Ok, I have to say it. It has to be said: Charlottesville is not the end all be all. If you’ve read about why I started my blog, you know that I’ve slowly warmed up to small town life and have only recently begun to truly enjoy my time here. I’ve been reading some other blogs from Cville residents and am a little confused about their constant praise of what are (in my humble opinion) even mediocre food and coffee joints here in town. Don’t get me wrong, there are great places here. One of my favorite restaurants of anywhere I’ve ever been is in Cville, which is saying a lot considering I’ve traveled all over the world and have some favorites in larger, more well-known culinary towns (more on that in a future blog). But I cannot post a glowing review about every restaurant, bar, coffee shop, and yes gas station (we have “gourmet” gas stations here that serve deli foods) in Charlottesville. Brace yourself. Some of them are just not that good. If there is one irritating trait of the blogging world, it’s that some people are seemingly not real on their blogs. Especially bothersome are those bloggers who gloat about anything and everything. While I’m a huge proponent of positivity–and believe that the best blogs put forth a positive message most of the time–sometimes it just isn’t real. What people can really relate to and learn from is some honesty. About ourselves as bloggers. About places we have eaten or visited or places we’ve been.

So what I pledge to do on this blog is try to provide objective reviews of places that highlight the pros as well as cons. And if there are no cons? Well, hell, then I’ll be willing to dish out some serious accolades. In short, I’ll try my hardest to make no pretense of loving everywhere I’ve been or everything I’ve tried–unless I do, in fact, love those things. I want to believe that anyone reading this blog will be be able to appreciate this frankness and transparency. And if they can relate to even one thing I say, well then, that’s a win for me.

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