Rainy Day Discoveries

Happy Friday everyone!! Too bad today is so dreary, rainy, and chilly. I might have to get one of these for Sophie (I saw this at TJ Maxx):


Seriously. Seriously?

A snuggie for dogs???? Seriously? Why don’t I come up with some absolutely ridiculous idea and make millions of bucks? Who wants to go in on it with me?

Before I get too down on the weather, the weekend looks like it’ll be pretty good with temps in the 60s and sunny. And a look ahead to next week’s weather has revealed that we’ll get up to 80 degrees with sunny sunshine. Yay for Spring!!

I decided today that I wanted to mix up my usual work spot. Usually I work either in my office in Ruffner (which is nice because I can close the door and I am completely secluded) or at Cville Coffee in McIntire Plaza. Today, though, I decided to head over to Barnes and Noble. Now, this is a dangerous decision because usually the running and fashion mags keep me from getting any work done at all. Before I hit B&N, I loaded Sophie up in the car to take her on a walk on the Rivanna Trail. She didn’t seem to mind the weather much 😉

Nothing like the open road and some fresh air

So far today I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my monster  to-do list.  I knew that the time would come, though, where I would want to peruse the mag and book racks. And I came across the funniest book today! I Run Therefore I Am–Nuts! by Bob Schwartz (2001).

Fitting title

Schwartz writes humorously about the absurdities of distance running and the Madness of the Marathon Mind.

I found these passages to be particularly true

It is like distance runners get off on being in pain!!! As Schwartz mentions, “We actually enjoy sufferable suffering. We willingly tolerate acceptable anguish. We love tolerable tribulation.”  I guess we runners are a strange lot.  The next time someone asks me why I run marathons (and I get asked that a good deal), I’m going to say that I like the pain 🙂

Have a good rest of your Friday!!

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