The good, the bad, and the busy

I wanted to start today’s post with a bit of good news. I’ve won a pretty sizeable  publication award! Yeaaaa 1,250 bucks 🙂 It feels so great because I feel like I’ve been overworked for so long –presenting at conferences and working on publications– and have had nothing to show for it (other than my kick ass CV). Finally some recognition, you know??  Oh and the money doesn’t hurt either 😉 I even get to attend a free luncheon!

A nice surprise in my mailbox!

This is some serious motivation for the work that needs to be done…

Now on to to the bad/busy part. Blogging is really a luxury that I can’t always afford to have. If I’m on my computer this week I really need to be writing. That’s been my mantra because I have so much writing that any free time I have before and after work I need to be writing. Not blog writing (I wish) but journal, report, and paper writing. So I thought I’d use today’s post as a to do list for my deadlines:

Journal Manuscript for Journal of HE: Revisions sent by editor on theory and appendices. Write abstract. Final deadline: April 20

Journal Manuscript for Journal JESPAR: Start to write methodology, findings. Deadline for first draft: April 15

College-connected report (not going to use the real name here because it is forth-coming): Findings section, incorporate data findings from literature review and our empirical scan of programs. Final Deadline: April 11

Qualifying paper/dissertation proposal: Finalize conceptual framework and write all of methodology section. Start to revise and fact check whole document for flow, structure, etc. Deadline: April 8 (Friday!)

Teaching: Create rubric for final paper and distribute to class. Meet with 3 students this week who have scheduled times with me. Deadline: April 7 (tomorrow!)

Grant-writing: start grant proposals for upcoming summer. Deadline: May 12

Conference proposal: Proposal due for the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE) conference on May 3.

Classwork: Both statistics class projects due Thursday (tomorrow, eek!)

It’s going to be a really long day and late night at one of my favorite coffee shops, Cville Coffee. Good thing I don’t usually have any TV shows I like to watch on Wednesday nights!

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