Richmond Race Prep

After a really hectic work week, I was really looking forward to driving down to Richmond to run the Monument 10k with my friend Melissa (Hungry, Healthy, Happy). I decided last minute to sign up for this race because it is huge: over 40,000 runners! It’s also supposed to be crazy because they have decided to make it a big pep rally for VCU (they play in the Elite Eight tomorrow night against Butler).

I got down to Richmond early this afternoon to meet up with Melissa and go to the race expo.

With Melissa on the way to the expo

The expo was pretty big considering it was just for a 10k. We did the rounds and got the usual free stuff  🙂

We also got a bit silly with some of the merchandise/food sold

MMmm cookies!

Nice shorts!

After the expo we had an early dinner and went back to Melissa’s apartment to get our stuff ready for the race. I’m running with the seeded runners in Wave G, as shown on my bib (bib on the right in the picture below), which means that the race starts for me at 8:36am. Another early morning wake up! Hope you have a fun Friday night!!

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