Y-Tri Challenge

Today’s indoor triathlon, The Y-Tri Challenge, was such a blast!! When I woke up at 6am it was snowing (?!??!) and I was nervous about driving down to Lynchburg, but when I got on the road I could tell it wasn’t a big deal. Lynchburg is about 64 miles south west of Charlottesville.

Lynchburg is south west of Charlottesville

The drive took me a little over an hour so I was ready and raring to go when I got to the the Lynchburg YMCA. When walked in I found out that the “ultra” wave was full (boo) so I had to do the shorter one. It turned out to be perfect because this was my first time really running since the marathon last week (I can’t believe it’s been a week!).

The Y-Tri Challenge

I felt really good on all three portions and think that I performed consistently well. Truth be told, most people are stronger at one or two of the segments and weakest at one. For me, I’m weakest on the bike. I enjoy it the least and am just not able to keep a consistently high resistance/rpm for extended periods of time. Luckily, I feel really comfortable with the swim and the run (which comes at the end when most people are really tired). The key is to do consistently well on all three.

This tri was a bit unique because it was all indoors, but I think it was such a great idea. I had a volunteer who followed me throughout each of the three portions. I asked him if he could take some pics of me as I raced and he took some great ones!!

For the swim, he recorded how many lengths I swam in 10 minutes (I ended up swimming 22 lengths = approx. 600 meters!).

Going into a flip turn

Then my volunteer came with me as I transitioned to the cycle studio (I had a 3 min transition time to change from my suit into my clothes) and recorded how far I rode from the computer on my bike. For 20 minutes of cycling I rode 10.8 miles, which I was really happy with.

Spin those legs!

After a 2 minute transition to the treadmill, I ended up running 2.66 miles in 20 min, which is a 7:30 pace. I was thrilled to run that fast, especially after the other segments. I also felt great, which is mostly due to my rest and recovery strategy during zero week.


I have to admit that I am still intimidated by the triathlon culture, but I have to remind myself that I felt the same way when I started distance running. I’m excited for the triathlon’s I have coming up! (Rumpass in Bumpass, Olympic Distance Tri on April 16 and White Lake Half Ironman May 14).

On tap for the rest of the week? Tons of work as usual…let’s hope it flies by!

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4 Responses to Y-Tri Challenge

  1. It looks like you did so great! And that’s awesome that your guy took pics for you! You are making me think about trying this . . . except I don’t have a bike. Or a pool. 😉

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