Zero Week

Probably my least favorite week of the whole training/racing process is zero week. Zero week refers to the week after the marathon and starts immediately after you cross the finish line. According to Hal Higdon, my running guru, “it takes a minimum of two to three weeks for the body to recover from the strain of running 26 miles 385 yards. Return too quickly and you increase your risk of injury.” Per Hal’s instructions I made sure to walk for a bit and replenish with carbs and protein shortly after crossing the finish line. On tap for the rest of the week? Rest.  It’s really difficult to wait for your body to heal, especially after coming off the high of running the marathon. For some reason, I am especially hard on myself. All week I’ve been asking myself why I’m so tired, so sore, and so hungry. Maybe running a marathon doesn’t seem like such a biggie anymore, or maybe I’m just way too hard on myself, but I haven’t been able to cut myself any slack all week.

As I’m supposed to during zero week, I rested and didn’t run. On Wednesday when the pain in my muscles went from a 9 to a 5 (on a scale of 10) I went for a very short swim and sat/stretched in the hot tub. I didn’t do anything yesterday so today I started to get really cranky: I want to run dammit! According to Hal, I could do some very light jogging today so I went to the gym to jog/walk on the treadmill and stretch with my foam roller.

A massage for my ITBs!

Kept myself to a very slow pace: 5.8 or slower :-/

I could tell that I was in a much better mood after being able to jog a bit. After the gym, I met with a student at her office to help her with the final paper for the class I teach. Her office is right next to a bagel shop and she got me a turkey bagel sammy (a bribe? maybe…couldn’t hurt;-) Her office is right near Ulta so I swung by after just to see if they were having any deals on products.

The Cville Ulta

I love Ulta so much, even more than–gasp–Sephora. The only problem with Ulta is that it doesn’t sell Nars cosmetics. It does, however, offer both high-end and drugstore makeup, hair, and face products. And I love how they organize the drugstore goods: by makeup type, not brand.

Organized by makeup type

Love it!

I left with only a bottle of hairspray, but was feeling like another workout. I know I shouldn’t be doing any high-impact exercising so I headed over to the pool for a 1000 meter swim (2×50 warmup, 3×200 regular free, 2×100 pulls with booey, and 100 with kickboard). I’ll be sure to post soon about my swimming workouts.

It can't replace running but swimming's second best!

Now that’s more like it! To get myself back into the swing of training and to keep the blood flowing to my legs I’ve signed up for a mini indoor triathlon in Lynchburg this Sunday. 20min swim, 40 min bike, and 40 min run (I’m doing the “ultra distance”, equivalent to a sprint tri) is just what’s needed right about now to keep me from going crazy without my running workouts. OOoh, and I’m running the Monument 10k next weekend, a huge race with 40,000 runners, with my friend Melissa who has been training her tiny little butt off to be speedy mcspeedster and no doubt win her age group 🙂

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2 Responses to Zero Week

  1. Haha you are HILARIOUS!

    I totally get what you mean about rest days! I have been having some weird hip pain (not the first time it’s shown up), so I took a rest day yesterday. It totally bummed me out. I used to run or workout because I HAD to, but now I workout because I WANT to! I get hella-cranky when I don’t get my workout in!

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