Back to the Grind

After the fun weekend and excitement of the marathon, it’s been tough to come back to work and get things done. I had a huge pile of work waiting for me when I got back, including my Stats IV midterm (another Stats midterm? Yuck!), literature review for my qualifying paper/dissertation proposal, grading, and journal article writing. Sometimes I feel like a hamster on a wheel; even when I get one thing done there are always a handful of other things that need to be worked on. It never ends.

It never ends!

To make matters worse, every time I sit down to get some of this done I procrastinate. Facebook, blogs, race schedules all keep me from getting my work done!


So even though I put a high priority on my personal pursuits, such as running, I still need to figure this whole work-life balance thing out. Right now, I want more life and less work!! I’ve resorted to giving myself incentives. If I get my midterm and literature review mostly done today I am going in for a much needed post-marathon massage at my sports rehab place in Cville…

My sore muscles need help!

What kind of incentives do you give yourself to help you do things you don’t really want to do?

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