Pre-race Preparation

The marathon is tomorrow!! So far I’ve had a great time in Virginia Beach and have been so lucky with the weather. The temps yesterday held steady at around 80 degrees all the way from Charlottesville to the beach. I just made one pit stop on the drive: the outlets in Williamsburg.

I'm in heaven

I didn’t want to spend too much time there, but got myself a lil treat from the Kate Spade store! 🙂

By the time I got close to Norfolk/VA Beach I could tell that a ton of people were in town for the race. There were signs everywhere!

Oh I'm Ready

Before I checked in to my hotel in Virginia Beach, I stopped off at the Shamrock Marathon Expo, which was packed. I’m lucky that I decided to get my bib/gear yesterday because they quickly ran out of all marathon merchandise. I got an awesome long-sleeve technical shirt with my bib, but I always try to get something else (I worked hard for it, right?). I ended up buying a medium t-shirt (the smallest size they had) so hopefully it shrinks in the wash.

Shamrock Marathon Expo!!!!!

While walking around the rest of the expo, I also ran into Tara from the Biggest Loser. I had a ton of questions to ask her because I watch the show!!

Tara from the Biggest Loser

And I always have a great time walking around trying to get as much free stuff as possible!

Trying to win some free swag

Mmmm McDonald's smoothie

Some of my marathon swag

Today I woke up late and just took it easy. My room has a beautiful view of the water and I pretty much spent all day today resting (and drinking tons of water…and eating of course).  It was so beautiful out so I just goofed around before I ran to the store to grab some essentials for tomorrow morning.

Such a nice view from my room

I'm a Goof

Then of course was the pasta dinner!! This year I tried not to eat too much (which is so difficult because there is no protein so it doesn’t fill you up as much). As you can see I had plenty of spaghetti, garlic bread, and regular dinner rolls. Come on carbs!!

Pasta Dinner!!

So now i’m off to sleep so I can be ready to go around 6am (race doesn’t start until 8am). I feel myself getting more anxious; I think I’m even more nervous than when I ran the Boston Marathon last year!!! After all of the training ups and downs, I’m just hoping for a good race. I’ll just leave my last words…


Good night and see ya on the other side!

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2 Responses to Pre-race Preparation

  1. Screaming my face off cheering for you from here! XOXO

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