Carb loadin’ and bloatin’

“At some point in the marathon, the distance is greater than the human ability to physically transcend it.” –Amby Burfoot

This quote speaks to the difficulty (and scariness!) of running a marathon. Although this is only my third marathon and I am by no means an expert or experienced distance runner, I can say without a doubt that the last three days before the race are the worst!!! I’ve increased my carb intake and, let me tell you, I always feel like a balloon. Last night I had cheese pizza for dinner (I know, not the best choice but I was craving it!) and today’s breakfast was a whole grain bagel with reduced fat cream cheese:

Bagel Shmagel

Tonight I’ll also eat a carb-heavy meal and of course there’ll be pasta for dinner tomorrow night. The real question at hand is of course, does this actually work??? Well, according to the experts who say that your muscles can “fuel” up on glycogen for a few days, yes. And I have to admit that it certainly hasn’t hurt my performance in the past. But just ask me again at mile 20 when my body literally runs out of fuel…

In other related news, I’ve found that you can now watch The Spirit of the Marathon, probably the BEST documentary on marathon running/training, for free on Hulu (this link will take you directly there). This film always pumps me up to run because if follows 5 people as they train and run the Chicago Marathon (I own the DVD 🙂 )If you just want a preview you can watch it on YouTube:

Spirit of the Marathon

Now I’m leaving to take Sophie to the kennel for her little doggy vacation then I’m off to VA Beach!!!! Don’t know if it looks like she wants to leave home though…

Like a lil seal

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One Response to Carb loadin’ and bloatin’

  1. Awe, little nugget looks so precious! Good luck to you, doll! I know you’ll be great! XOXO

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