Fashion Fridays Mondays

I know a lot of people like to do fashion Friday posts but Mondays are tough…especially after coming back from spring break! So I’ve decided to do fashion Monday posts instead just to help me get through the day. What better distraction is there as I sit here and plan my case studies for teaching my class on Wednesday (I teach a master’s-level class called Politics of Difference).

Today isn’t nearly as sunny or warm as yesterday but I think we have officially turned the corner to Spring. Many of the trees are budding and everyone was outside yesterday, sitting on the lawn or at sidewalk cafes. The first item I present today is something that I have actually purchased but have yet to receive. It will be perfect on those sunny & 70s days coming up in April and May. It’s a cute skirt from Modcloth.

Sidewalk Games Skirt

I don’t know why but as soon as I get it I want to put in on with a white tank and go get an ice cream cone 🙂

These next few things I haven’t gotten and probably won’t get but would be cute (and helpful!) to have around.

These two are both also from Modcloth. The first is a hamburger with different faces you can change based on your mood. It’d be perfect on my desk at work! The second is a book titled Everything Is Going To Be Ok, with inspirational messages from all over the world. It’d also be helpful to have around when I feel like going crazy from my PhD program.

Changing Faces Hamburger

Everything's Going To Be Ok? OK!









These two dresses are so cute for spring/summer! The one on the top is from Gucci (Bluefly) so it’s way out of my price range but I love the wrap halter neck and the print. The bottom is Shoshanna’s Tuck Detail strapless dress from Shopbop.

Finally here are some looks that I’d love to recreate 🙂 The top two are items from Piperlime and the bottom one is from Mango (it’s Scarlett Johanssen!). I love to shop at Zara and Mango come spring/summer!!

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One Response to Fashion Fridays Mondays

  1. So much cuteness! I love that Shoshanna dress!!! And both of the Piperlime looks, too! I can see you wearing that skirt & eating ice cream! 🙂

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