Gettin’ ready for Spring…races that is

First off let me say that I downloaded the wordpress app for my phone so now I can read my favorite blogs and update mine any time!! This is my first post from my phone so fingers crossed it works…

Today marks the first day of Spring Break for UVa and while I’m not going anywhere I plan to take full advantage of resting (at least for a few days…I have to work starting on Tues). Remember when spring break meant traveling with your gaggle of girls to some tropical destination? Sigh, I feel my age. But I digress.

I’m using my break this year to prepare for my upcoming spring races. Here’s what I have lined up so far:

-Shamrock Marathon 3/20
-Charlottesville Half Marathon 4/9
-Rumpass in Bumpass Olympic Distance  Tri 4/16
-Park to Park Half Marathon 4/30
*White Lake Half Ironman 5/14
-Deckers Creek Half Marathon 6/4

The half ironman is the big event, but first things first, the Shamrock Marathon. The race takes place in Virginia Beach and even though the half marathon is popular (it’s sold out) I’m excited to run the full. There aren’t that many runners so it will definitely be different than when I ran the Boston and Chicago Marathons. It’s also a St. Pattys day theme 🙂  I always get excited to plan what I’m wearing (I use it as a reward for working so hard) so I went today to look for a top- preferably a green one. The Nike store is so fun! And I always want to buy all of their fun motto shirts (I didn’t of course)



I unfortunately didn’t find anything but I do have a green Under Armor tank for a backup in case I don’t find anything else. I usually wear Nike gear so UA would be a change (and I’m a bit supersticious about changing). I showed my tank to Sophie today while out on our walk and she seemed to like it (or she’s just smiling because it was 65 degrees out today!)


I've got crooked teeth 😉

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2 Responses to Gettin’ ready for Spring…races that is

  1. Damn, that’s quite a lineup! I’m impressed! Love that “It’s OK to be fast” shirt–that’s one I might need! 😀
    PS It is freezing ass cold in Michigan! We don’t ever want to move back here!

  2. Hahaha, nooooooo I won’t move back. The weather is so dreary in the winter and it won’t warm up until May, eww. I ran outside yesterday in a tank and shorts 🙂

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