Weekend in the Capital City

Sometimes you gotta get away. That was definitely the case for me after I hit some major roadblocks on the road to getting my PhD last week.  Thank goodness I had a weekend trip planned up to D.C. to get my mind off the department politics and personalities that are making my life difficult right now.  I love heading up to the Capital City to blow off some steam. I spent New Years Eve in Georgetown and Dupont with my friend Melissa (check out her blog Hungry Happy Healthy) and had the best time! The only problem with driving up is how isolated Charlottesville is. There is actually  no convenient, direct route so I always need to set aside extra time for the drive.  You can see that Cville is landlocked in Central, VA and that there is no major highway to get to D.C.

Map of Virginia

Once I made it up, though, I had a great time! Friday night was a President’s Day theme party in Alexandria (which really only consisted of some drinks named after Presidents and a round of trivia).

Partying in Alexandria

Part of the Presidential Drink List

After a quick 4-mile run in Old Town Alexandria on Sunday, we grabbed some lunch and did a little shopping. Then it was out for round 2 on Capitol Hill 🙂 We had pizza at We, The Pizza (Spike from Top Chef’s restaurant) and then walked over the bar. The walk over the bar meant we had to cut around the Capitol building (there was noone around!)  so we got some great pics.  The small bar, “My Brother’s Place”, which hidden down an alleyway surrounded by government buildings, was absolutely bananas. It had amazing music and everyone was dancing on tables. I got to meet up with my friend Devin (who just got engaged!) and just be silly crazy 🙂 It was definitely funny to see all the conservative D.C. people cutting loose.

Ice rink in the middle of shopping

Capitol at night

With my friend Devin at My Brother's Place

Now that the weekend is over it’s back to the grind. I’ve been carb-loading a bit today because I have my 20-mile run tomorrow (3 weeks from today is the Shamrock Marathon!). I also have my conceptual framework for my dissertation topic due as well as a stats midterm this week, yuck! I’m definitely procrastinating tonight because I want to watch the Oscar’s. I’ll give an update on it all in the coming days…

**Just an update. A few people (of the small # people I have shared this blog with) have asked me where I got my outfit I wore Sat night at My Brother’s Place. It’s actually a combination of random, cheap finds from your basic chain stores. The tank is from Forever 21 (I have a bunch of these in different colors), skirt and belt from Gap (I got the belt, which has a precious little bow on the front, for 4 bucks!), tights from Hue, and shoes from Nine West (on sale, $29!). My sweatshirt cardi with thumb holes is BCBG from Nordy’s and my faux leather bomber jacket is from Forever 21 (my ever so fashionable sister had one of these like 4 years ago and I’m now just catching up haha).  Red Longchamp bag is from Bloomies 🙂 I also (tried to) rock the red lips, which got a ton of compliments from guys at the bar (they love those red lips!) My friend Devin is so cute in her Lilly P. skirt and Tory Burch flats

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